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Core Bioinformatics


The main focus of the Core Bioinformatics Team is to undertake software development and system administration of TGAC's in-house solutions for data management and visualisation. These include MISO, TGAC's Lab Information Management System (LIMS), a bespoke platform for recording metadata for NGS experiments, and the TGAC Browser, a novel web-based performance-oriented browsing platform for high-throughput NGS genomic datasets. These tools are open-source, an ethos the team firmly believes in, and the aim is to promote and disseminate TGAC's work to the community through online information resources, meetings, workshops and training courses.

As well as software design and development, the team regularly submits sequencing data to public repositories as part of TGAC's core remit. This data comprises raw reads, preliminary contigs, draft assemblies and annotation features.

Supporting the core facility at TGAC is a cornerstone of the team’s activities. The team manages installations of TGAC's productivity and bioinformatics applications that benefit colleagues and external collaborators, such as genome browsers, information portals and the TGAC website.

Future developments
  • Collaborations for extending and supporting MISO
  • Fine-grained data management through data grids, such as iRODS
  • Novel visualisations of project information and datasets
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