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Grassroots Genomics

Grassroots by Paul Mayne


The Grassroots Genomics project at TGAC is a user-driven platform for integrating and reconciling wheat genomic information.

In recent years, there has been a revolution in the generation of genomic data for cereal crops, especially wheat. Our goal is to engage the community of wheat researchers, from breeders to bioinformaticians, in generating, evaluating and integrating wheat data.

A two-way communication channel between data generators and data users will provide an evaluation platform that will enhance the value of available wheat genomic resources.  We are committed to maintain and promote the principles of Open Data to enable discoveries and to enhance the value of integrative research.


TGAC's new Wheat Genome Assembly is now available from ENSEMBL Plants pre-site with gene models transferred from the IWGSC assembly (Mayer et al. Science 2014) and with 18 tissue specific RNA-seq datasets aligned to it ( Full gene builds are currently underway.

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If you have any question regarding the resources, how to access the data or use the bioinformatics tools please contact us at


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Do you want to be a part of the Grassroots Genomic movement? Do you have ideas that will help in efficient navigation of wheat genomics? Are you re-analysing wheat data and would like it to be available to the general public?

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