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Senior Management Team

Prof Neil HallProfessor Neil Hall is the Director of TGAC. As a leader in the field of genomics, Professor Hall has specialised in understanding the genomics of infectious disease over the past decade. He has led projects at The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) in the US, including the effort to sequence the genome of Plasmodium falciparum, the malaria parasite. Professor Hall gained his PhD in Genetics at Liverpool University. His current research interests range from investigating the genetics of pathogen population structures to developing genomic tools to assay complex genomes such as wheat, a crop of significant interest and research focus at TGAC.

You can reach Neil here.

Mrs Sarah Cossey Sarah Cossey is the Director of Operations. Sarah is a professional accountant and project manager with extensive experience across the public and private sector. Sarah spent nine years in finance and audit within local government and the NHS. She then moved to the Cabinet Office as part of the Senior Management Team of the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) in 1998 to lead the finance and business support team. 

Prior to joining TGAC, Sarah spent three years managing a large team within the private sector, in a regional media company, leading a shared finance service through significant change. Sarah is a qualified PRINCE II project manager and has managed projects including the merger of two government departments, the implementation of new IT systems and major organisational change. Sarah has successfully delivered considerable efficiency savings, both within the public and private sectors, and improved service delivery.
Prof Federica Di Palma

Federica Di Palma

Federica Di Palma is Director of Science at TGAC and also leads her own research group in regulatory and systems genomics. Previously Assistant Director of the Vertebrate Biology group at the Broad Institute, Federica successfully led the development, planning and analysis of several major mammalian genome sequencing projects, as well as projects involving additional vertebrate organisms such as the Caribbean anole lizard (anolis carolinensis) the first sequenced reptile, the three-spine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus), and the cichlid fishes of the African lakes. At the Broad Institute, Federica also led the development and implementation of an institute wide-cross training program for staff scientists. Federica remains a visiting scientist.

Federica received her Ph.D. in Immunogenetics from the Institute for Animal Health and the University of Reading (UK). She was subsequently awarded a Fogarty Fellowship from the National Institute of Deafness and Communication Disorders (NIH), where she worked on the genetics of deafness, identifying genes responsible for well-known deafness syndromes in mice and humans, for which she received the fellow's award for Research Excellence (FARE) in Biomedical Research at NIH.

Following her postdoctoral work at NIH, Federica went on to the Hubbard Center for Genome Studies (HCGS) at the University of New Hampshire (US) as a senior research scientist and service centre manager; gaining a wealth of experience in molecular biology and genomics, including teaching undergraduate courses in immunogenetics.

Dr Tim Stitt

Tim is Head of Scientific Computing at TGAC. A native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Tim has over 15 years experience in High-Performance Computing and Parallel Programming. After earning a PhD in Computational Physics from Queen's University Belfast, Tim has applied his HPC knowledge at various HPC centres worldwide including ICHEC (Ireland), CSCS (Switzerland) and CRC (USA). Along the way, Tim has held faculty positions in Computer Science and Civil Engineering whilst teaching parallel computing to undergraduate students at the University of Notre Dame (USA). Tim has also held committee roles within the European PRACE and US XSEDE supercomputing projects.

Mr Stuart Catchpole

TGAC Stuart Catchpole

Stuart is Head of Business Development & Communications at TGAC.

Since leaving UEA with a BSc (hons) degree in Business Management Stuart has gained extensive experience across the broader business landscape, working within different sectors on roles ranging from people development and grant writing to innovation management and strategy development. Following successful spells in education and business networking, Stuart became the co-director of a small company delivering team and leadership development to a range of clients before joining Hethel Engineering Centre as Innovation Manager. Here he wrote a bid that successfully brought in £7.8 million European Funding, building and leading a team to deliver an innovation business support programme to start-ups and growing SMEs across the East of England. Stuart has a passion for building networks and relationships, creating links for the development of collaborative projects and knowledge exchange.

Stuart initially arrived at The Genome Analysis Centre as Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation Manager where he developed a new KEC strategy and begin to establish a culture of KEC within the institute. Since March 2014 Stuart has also taken the lead role in delivering TGACs Communications activities, building a Business Development and Communication team and establishing a new comms strategy.

Dr Daniel Swan

TGAC Daniel Swan

Dr Daniel Swan joins The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) as Head of Platforms & Pipelines to lead our suite of advanced genome analysis facilities.

Delivering the National Capability in Genomics, working with external researchers in academia, as well as supporting TGAC’s science Faculty, the Institute’s Platforms & Pipelines Group (P&P)combine the application of multiple sequencing technology platforms for high throughput sequencing and whole genome mapping to deliver excellent quality genomic data analysis.

Daniel has worked in genomics for over twenty years, seeing DNA sequencing evolve first-hand from radioactive gels to high-throughput NGS technologies.

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